About Us

 At KANITECH you are given 1 on 1 professional Computer training either at the comfort your home or at your office. You can choose to be train on your Computer or at our office, 1 on 1. All our courses are also available online in downloadable form. A well comprehensive videos explaining every step and procedures, so you can choose to download them online or come to our office to get them.

 You get 100% attention. Our trainers will give you their full attention, their ears will only be for our clients throughout the lessons. We believe in listening to your needs first, to understand better. We give you information that is relevant for you. Our target is to achieve your specific goals only. You are able to ask any question about computing without feeling embarrassed, there are no stupid questions. You learn at your own pace and convenient. The best part is that, you don't have to wait until it is three months or six months before you complete these courses and be certified computer literate.